About Rebecca

Employing cosmetic techniques with an artistic eye, Surrey-based Rebecca Jane Aesthetics help you to look and feel great, whilst enhancing your natural facial features. Providing 24/7 beauty, semi-permanent makeup can help to restore confidence, giving the appearance of makeup without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Tailoring a look which is styled to your facial symmetry, alongside your personal preference, here at Rebecca Jane Aesthetics we can create both bold and subtle looks. Defining lip colour, correcting sparse eyebrows and enhancing eyelashes, Rebecca uses precise measurements to achieve the best permanent makeup look to suit your face shape. Read on further to find out more about Rebecca’s previous experience…

Rebecca Jane

Rebecca Jane

A little bit about Rebecca

After studying Art & Design in a busy London based college, she took her already emerging talents to the renowned Greasepaint Make-up School. Honing her craft by working with broadcasting giants BBC and ITV, it wasn’t long before her expertise was beaming from television sets up and down the country.

From comedy series to commercials and photo shoots, Rebecca was on the fast track to being the make up artist everyone wanted to have on speed dial.

Living Fast, Looking Fabulous

Training at the highly esteemed Glauca Rossi School of Make Up in London launched Rebecca’s career to dizzy heights that included jet setting across the globe for magazine shoots, premiers and the like. The only drawback? Trying to look fabulous at the crack of dawn while battling jet lag, or spending hours on set making other people look stunning without looking tired herself.

Permanent Makeup To The Rescue

Discovering permanent make up felt like a gift from the beauty gods. Finally she’d be able to look flawless and feel confident 24/7, save oodles of time creating a ‘natural’ look and be able to wake up next to her husband looking like a stunner each and every morning.

Holidays became more enjoyable as she could go au naturel while topping up her tan whilst relaxing by the pool, no longer worrying about whether her perfectly applied make up was holding up under the bright rays.

After having her eyebrows done, Rebecca was hooked. She had her lips and eye-liner done and couldn’t have been happier with the treatments. Having felt the boost to her confidence she felt it was time to research the market and find the best school to study permanent makeup application so she could share the gift with others.