Russian volume lash extensions

Classic or Russian Volume lashes… what’s the difference?

Classic Lashes

Classic lash extensions involve the application of one extension to one of your natural lashed only. If you only have 50 natural lashes (that are suitable for extensions) then you will achieve the look of 50 lash extensions. If you have 100 natural lashes suitable for extension, then you’ll achieve the look of 100 lash extensions. These numbers are per eye. So, classic eyelash extensions are most suitable for clients that have a healthy amount of natural lashes; younger clients who tend to have fewer gaps in their natural eyelash line. The treatment is also best suited for clients who are looking for a more natural eyelash effect.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume lash extensions are an advanced technique that only skilled beauty and makeup therapists are able to offer.

Russian Volume involves the application of multiple, ultra fine extensions applied to each lash. These lashes are created by hand by the beauty therapist at the time of application. These multiple extensions are applied to the natural lash to give a more complete coverage and a fuller appearance. Russian Volume lash extensions are, therefore, best suited to clients who perhaps don’t have a full complement of natural lashes to work with or who are looking for a fuller, thicker more glamorous look.

I hope this helps to clarify the difference. If you have any further questions about lash extensions, or any of the beauty treatments or permanent makeup treatments offered at Inkfinity, please visit our FAQs page, or get in touch directly.