Permanent makeup treatments

From our Surrey clinic Rebecca Jane Aesthetics offer a range of semi-permanent makeup treatments to help transform your daily beauty regime. Helping makeup stay put during any weather, preventing any smudges and reapplying throughout the day, semi-permanent makeup is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

Wake up flawless and put an end to a tiresome night time beauty regime removing your makeup. Whether you are looking to correct over plucked eyebrows with our natural, hair stroke treatment, add a flush of colour to the lips or add definition to your eyes, here at Rebecca Jane Aesthetics we are dedicated to creating a permanent look tailored to suit you.

Ensuring that your treatment compliments your skin tone and facial features, we are happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your desired results. Each treatment is carried out with a full certified safety and hygiene check.

Browse through our semi-permanent treatments to find out more about what we can do for you.


Eyebrows help to shape and define your facial features. With the latest trends, along with ageing, eyebrows can begin to appear thin and become shapeless. With our microblading eyebrow treatment, we tailor an eyebrow style to suit to the contours of your face, as well on your skin tones and hair colour.

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Helping to enhance the colour and add shape to the lips, our semi-permanent lip enhancement treatment provides a gentle flush of colour to lips. Creating volume and shape to the lips, we can correct any imperfections on lips, as well as minimise ageing on lips and loss of colour.

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Using eye-liner is a great way to define and accentuate your eye shape and colour. However, eye-liner can be tricky to apply and is also prone to smudge and wear off during the day. Our semi-permanent eyelash enhancement treatment helps to boost the thickness of lashes and provide a long-lasting, smudge proof application.

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