Why permanent makeup?

Why Permanent makeup?

Over the past few years, permanent makeup has increasingly grown in popularity. Permanent makeup (also known as semi-permanent makeup) can help to freshen up your look by enhancing your natural features. Achieving a flawless finish with the freedom of applying make-up, permanent makeup allows you to get up and go, providing long-lasting beauty all day.

Permanent makeup is a great solution to a variety of people. We have listed together some of the benefits of permanent makeup and why you should give up fussing with your daily beauty regime.


Save Time

Most days many of us are tackling a busy schedule. Early mornings or late evenings, our beauty regime is sometimes sacrificed due to being late or rushing around. However, switching to permanent makeup can help beat rushing around in the morning.

During the week our time is limited, especially to be applying or reapplying makeup, whether we are tackling a busy schedule or we are a stay at home mum, Switching to permanent makeup can allow you to stay in bed for that extra ten minutes and still look great!


Boost Your Confidence

We all know the stresses of feeling like we have to apply a full face of makeup before stepping outside. It can be time consuming, as well as costly after purchasing your favourite beauty brands.

Many of us feel much more confident once we have applied our makeup. Especially when on holiday, many of us still can’t resist lashings of mascara and a quick fix on our eyebrows. But imagine not having to continually re-apply or apply makeup? Whether you are on holiday, planning to go swimming, or many other occasions where makeup occasionally slips or smudges, permanent makeup can help to overcome these obstacles.

Using soft and natural strokes, permanent makeup works alongside the shape of your face and shade of your skin. Enhancing your natural features, permanent make up gives you with a flawless finish all day long.


Overcome Health Conditions & Allergies

Multiple health conditions can frequently lead to hair loss or even difficulty applying makeup. By switching to permanent makeup you can create lasting beauty all day long, without the difficulty during application. Permanent makeup can also create a natural look, enhancing your facial features. For those suffering with hair loss, permanent makeup can help to create a natural look on eyebrows. Using soft strokes, permanent makeup can work with the contours of the face and natural hair colour, adapting thickness and style based on the shape of ones face.

Some makeup can also trigger allergies or cause eyes to stream, leaving a smudged and watery mess around the eye area. Having permanent makeup applied around the eyes can aid towards those who suffer with allergies, yet still want a flawless finish to their makeup.